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"I found Loraine online for neruofeedback and brain mapping. I changed in ways that I could not imagine possible. I'm telling everyone I can."
L.D. Lee, Grand Junction, CO

Neurofeedback has done more to help my daughter (brain injury survivor) than all the therapy we've done over the past                                    10 year. D. F., Glenwood Springs, CO

Benefits of neurofeedback include decline in sensitivity and depression, and more clarity in all areas. I just feel better in so many ways. B. H., DH, Grand Junction, CO 

I have gone from daily debilitating migraines and head pain to decreased frequency and intensity of pain. I feel hopeful, finally. A.M., Montrose, CO

The pain and neck problems I have had for years are finally getting better, after years of other therapies. I'm telling everyone about you. Mel, Montrose, CO

The nerve damage and ankle pain that I was told would never get better is gone. Thank you. S.B., Montrose, CO


"Since starting the class I am more inclined to take better care of myself." Delta, CO

"I feel so much better at the end of class compared to when I walked in the door."  Montrose, CO

"My practice continues to feel more comfortable and effective. I'm sure I am changing in ways I don't even know."

"I'm making better eating choices. The practice makes me have more self-care."

"Using the computer technology with Loraine was really helpful...I could see right where I was in getting coherent."

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